Planning a New Home/FAQs

How Do I Select a Builder?
A good builder is one who is skilled, experienced and financially stable. It is wise to buy from a builder that is registered with the New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan. All Registered Builders have satisfied the Program's registration criteria in the area of technical expertise, track record, and financial stability.

Another good place to begin is with word-of-mouth references. Check with friends who are satisfied with their builders. As well, make sure to view builder's "portfolios", - the display homes that are found in every new subdivision. Seeing what is new on the market helps you view a home and its builder critically, without being dazzled by the interior decorator's fine touch.

You can check with the Better Business Bureau to determine if there are any complaints on file for any of the builders you are considering. You can also contact your local Home Builder's Association to determine if the builder is a member in good standing. Your Mortgage Lender may be prepared to run a credit check on your short list of builders as well.

When you have narrowed down the field to two or three builders whose work you like, ask for quotes on the project. Construction is a competitive business and reputable builders will quote similar prices. If one builder's quote is quite a bit lower than the others, make sure they are quoting from the same specifications before you congratulate yourself on finding a bargain.

Once you have settled on a builder, you should take the time to determine exactly what will be included in the purchase price such as the quality of the kitchen cupboards, carpeting, fixtures, etc. You should make sure that all items agreed to are noted in your Building Contract in order to avoid misunderstanding later on. Make sure your interests are protected and review the Building Contract before you sign. Negotiate a realistic closing date for the purchase.

Like most good relationships, the relationship between you and your builder (or builder representative) should be based on open honest sharing of ideas and interests- with a healthy respect for each other's viewpoints. Over the course of several months, both you and your builder representative will be actively involved in your home's construction so it's appropriate to clearly express your needs, wants and expectations early on.