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What if I have a problem?
Your relationship with your builder is both long-term and contractual. To help foster and maintain that relationship on a positive and responsive basis, the New Home Warranty Program wants to make sure that you attempt to resolve any issues directly with your builder first.

If you are experiencing problems, we request that you write to your Registered Builder. It is important that communication of warranty items be in writing and that you retain copies of all correspondence. This not only provides you with a record of the letter but also provides the builder with a list to follow. Tell the builder about your problem and ask that they take the necessary corrective action. Give the builder some time to deal with the situation.

If your builder does not respond and you would like assistance to help resolve any warranty issues, you may contact the Program Office at 546-5220 in Regina or 373-7833 in Saskatoon. The Warranty Program staff will request details of the warranty concerns and if they don't have a copy of your correspondence on file, will request a copy. Once it has been established that the purchaser(s) have communicated their concerns in writing to the builder and the builder has not responded, the Warranty Program will forward a copy of the purchaser's letter to the builder and ask that they provide the Program with their side of the story and an indication of their intentions.

The builder will be given a deadline in which to respond to the Program. The builder's response will then be provided to the purchaser. If the builder does not respond or if the homeowner does not agree with the builder's position, the Program will recommend that the purchaser proceed to a dispute resolution process called "Conciliation".

If the parties cannot agree on what should or should not be done, the purchaser may request the Program to proceed to Conciliation. On receipt of a completed "Request for Conciliation" form from the purchasers and a $200.00 fee (which is refundable if the Conciliator finds in the purchasers' favour). The NHWP will hire an independent Conciliator to investigate the dispute. The Conciliator will be a person expert in residential construction and his or her decision will be based on the warranty coverage contained in the New Home Warranty Certificate as well as their judgment based on Building Codes and New Home Warranty standards as outlined in the "Workmanship and Materials Standards Guide" and generally accepted engineering and construction standards.

On completion, the Conciliator will provide a written decision, which is binding on both parties, that will detail findings and outline responsibility for warranty repairs. If the builder is found to be responsible for repairs, there will be a deadline for completion. If the builder does not complete the repairs within the time frame allotted, the NHWP will ensure that the work is completed as per the Conciliator's decision.